About Me


Natalie is a professional female human with various skills. Among a myriad of things, she won a plastic trophy in the prestigious Splash tennis tournament of ’96, then went on to come SECOND out of FOUR people in the great Staple Hill Tang Soo Do competition of ’97. She has also won many a chocobo race at the famed Golden Saucer, eventually managing to breed herself a very rare golden chocobo in order to rid the world of a jerkass goth clone. Really, she has many skills to be envied, so much so that she must talk in third person on her own About Me page.


Some of the games that have inspired me throughout my life are Fallout 1, 2 & New Vegas, Seven Blades, Final Fantasy 7 & 9, Way of the Samurai, Metal Gear Solid, Tenchu, all the Fables, Bioshock, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, The Witcher 3, and many of the Tell Tale games.

Narrative driven games are my jam. Before I got my first console, I would annoy my older brother, watching him play Monkey Island in his room, totally backseat gaming him and breaking all his stuff in the process.


And now I’m a writer myself. A writer for that very older brother I used to piss off by poking around his room and huffing over his shoulder while he played his Amiga. After never knowing what I wanted to do in my life, drifting from random job to random job including game shop assistant, ambulance driver, delivery driver, gardener, TV extra and blogger, I now feel lucky to have a job I actually care about and want to get better at.

I learn best when I organise things into words on paper, so this blog is a lot like a journal of lessons learned and guides for me to refer back to. But if it helps even one new game developer out just a little, then that’s pretty swell.


I like pixels. I draw things from time to time.


I helped our company survive through a tough time when funds almost dried up; I managed our business and its firstĀ  launch; but most of all, I made some people smile. These screenshots pick me up whenever I suffer from a good old-fashioned bout of imposter syndrome. Our fans’ kind words do me more good than they’ll ever know.